Sunday, 1516 Tourists Visited Lachhiwala Nature Park

April 01, 2024: With the onset of summer, the noise of tourists in Lachhiwala Nature Park has started to increase. On Sunday, 1516 tourists arrived at the nature park.

Ankit Singh, the in-charge of Lachhiwala Nature Park, said that after the completion of exams in schools, people have started coming to Lachhiwala Nature Park with their families. External tourists are also arriving at the park. Ankit Singh, the in-charge of the nature park, said that 1516 tourists visited the park on Sunday, including 157 children. He informed that by the first week of April, facilities including water sports will be fully operational. He mentioned that an increase in the number of tourists is expected in the nature park from April onwards. The crowd of tourists will continue till May and June. Besides locals, tourists from Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana also visit the nature park.

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