Patna Waterfall Rishikesh

Located approximately 5 km from the iconic Lakshman Jhula Bridge in Rishikesh, Patna Waterfall is a must-visit destination for travelers. Named after the village of Patna, where it originates, this waterfall is a hidden gem in the area. If you’re planning to explore Patna Waterfall in Rishikesh, here’s what you need to know:

How to Reach Patna Waterfall in Rishikesh

When you’re in Rishikesh, you have several options to reach Patna Waterfall. You can rent a scooty or motorcycle, hire a cab from various taxi stands, or drive with your personal vehicle. The waterfall is situated on Neelkanth Road near Phoolchatti, around 5 km from Lakshman Jhula and 2 km from Garudchatti Bridge. Parking is available on the main road near Phoolchatti, but ensure to park your vehicle in a way that allows easy passage for other vehicles.

What to Expect at Patna Waterfall

Patna Waterfall offers a serene and refreshing experience amidst nature. The hike to the waterfall is approximately 1-2 km long and relatively easy. However, it’s recommended to undertake the hike during daylight hours due to the presence of wild animals like elephants and tigers in the area.

Make sure not to miss out on enjoying a cup of Black Tea from Satender Kaka’s Tea shop, conveniently located next to the waterfall. The breathtaking view of the waterfall enhances the flavor of this Black Tea, making it a truly delightful experience.

Places to Visit Near Patna Waterfall

While visiting Patna Waterfall, don’t miss out on exploring Phoolchatti Sangam, located nearby. You can also indulge in a thrilling 10 km river rafting trip, which usually starts from Phoolchatti and costs around Rs 520 per person. Additionally, the renowned Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is just 10 km away from Patna Waterfall, offering spiritual and cultural insights.

Stay Options Around Patna Waterfall

For accommodation options near Patna Waterfall, adventure enthusiasts can opt for camping at scenic locations in Phoolchatti. If you prefer a blend of luxury and nature, Riverside AC Cottages located 5 km further from the waterfall offer a comfortable stay. Budget options are also available in the vicinity for travelers looking for economical accommodations.

Camps Near Ganga River

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What Not to Do at Patna Waterfall

  • Avoid littering at the waterfall or along the path leading to it. Help preserve the natural beauty by keeping the area clean.
  • Ensure to leave the area before sunset. This is for your safety.
  • Flying a drone at this location is strictly prohibited as it falls under Rajaji National Park regulations. If caught, your drone will be seized, and heavy fines may be imposed.

Remember, it’s best to immerse yourself in the natural ambiance and listen to the sounds of nature rather than focusing solely on capturing moments with cameras.


  1. Patna waterfall wall is very beautiful, Looks like I missed satender’s chai last time will definately visit this time!

  2. Thanks you for this wonderful post! Will definately visit Patna waterfall next time I’ll be at rishikesh!

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