WhatsApp Introduces Short Video Reply Feature for iPhone Users

WhatsApp Introduces Short Video Reply Feature for iPhone Users

WhatsApp, the instant messaging app owned by Meta, has rolled out the short video reply feature for iPhone users as well. This feature was recently launched for Android users. Now, iPhone users can also reply to messages using short video clips. This feature allows users to send real-time video messages of up to 60 seconds as a reply to messages. The company emphasizes that the short video reply messages will also be end-to-end encrypted.

WhatsApp has announced that it has officially started rolling out this new feature from Monday. Users can now record and send video messages within instant chats. To send a video, users need to switch to the video option while in the chat. By tapping on the microphone icon in the chat, users can access this feature. Additionally, the platform is also introducing support for screen sharing during video calls.

How the Feature Works

To use WhatsApp’s new feature, users will find the option for video messages right next to the text box. Upon tapping it, the phone’s camera will open. After recording the video, users can send it directly. By default, the video message will be muted, but users can enable audio according to their preference. If you haven’t received this feature on your iPhone yet, you can update your WhatsApp app to access it.

Screen Sharing in Video Calls

WhatsApp is also introducing the capability to share screens during video calls. In this feature, when a video call starts, users will see a new “Screen Share” button. The company has stated that these features will be rolled out in the coming weeks. WhatsApp recently introduced landscape mode for video calls and options for video calls and unknown callers on iOS.

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