Water Seepage and Landslide Concerns Resurface in Joshimath, Residents Alarmed

Water Seepage and Landslide Concerns Resurface in Joshimath, Residents Alarmed

Water seeping under homes has been reported once again in the areas affected by landslides in Joshimath town. The source of this water remains unknown, causing concern among residents. The sound of water flowing underneath homes has raised fears among the people. Sunil Ward residents are hearing the sound of water flowing beneath their homes, and the sound resembles that of a stream flowing underground.

The situation of landslides and water seepage in Joshimath has not been resolved even after eight months, and people are worried about it. Landslides and water seepage began in the town in January. During that time, a torrential stream burst in the Talhati area of Joshimath, and the sound of water flowing under houses was heard in various places. The administration had conducted several studies, but the issue remains unresolved.

After a lull in landslides in March, the heavy rainfall in August has once again resulted in the sound of water flowing under homes. Residents reported hearing water flowing under the homes of Vinod Saklani in Sunil Ward after heavy rainfall on the night of August 13.

Vinod Saklani reported that the sound was so intense on the first day that it felt like a river was flowing beneath the house. The intensity of the sound has lessened now, but the mystery remains about where the water is coming from and where it is going. Landslides are occurring in various parts of the area, causing concern among the residents.

The landslides have resulted in cracks in houses, roads, and fields. The onset of monsoon has aggravated the situation, causing cracks in the ground, roads, and wider fissures in houses. While some residents are still living in their homes, others have moved to relief camps. The damage caused by the monsoon has reopened old wounds caused by the disaster.

As of now, the situation remains uncertain, and various factors could be causing the sound of water seepage under homes. Authorities are investigating the phenomenon to determine the exact cause and potential solutions. Scientists suggest that the underground water could be following channels within the soil, and further study is needed to understand the extent of the issue and its underlying mechanisms.

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