U.S. President Joe Biden Arrives in Delhi for G20 Summit with Unprecedented Security

U.S. President Joe Biden Arrives in Delhi for G20 Summit with Unprecedented Security

President Joe Biden of the United States has arrived in Delhi to participate in the G20 summit, with the highest level of security measures seen among all the heads of state and government officials attending the event. Approximately three hundred personnel from the U.S. Secret Service are present in Delhi to ensure the President’s safety. The city’s streets are hosting the largest-ever motorcade, or “carcade,” for President Biden, which includes around 60 vehicles.

One unique feature of President Biden’s security protocol is the “nuclear football” or “the football,” a secure briefcase containing the codes and communication tools needed for the President to authorize a nuclear strike. President Biden carries this “football” with him at all times, and with just a single click, he can initiate a nuclear attack if necessary. The device is always within close proximity to the President, whether he is staying at a hotel, traveling in his vehicle, or aboard his aircraft.

President Biden Stays in the 14th-Floor Presidential Suite

President Joe Biden, along with a team of approximately 400 people, is accommodated in the 14th-floor Presidential Suite of the ITC Maurya hotel in Delhi. The vehicle used to transport President Biden to Delhi was specially brought from the United States. It is designed to withstand various threats, including hand grenades, IEDs, and even missile attacks. The vehicle is also equipped to protect against chemical and nuclear attacks, featuring bulletproof tires.

The President’s motorcade typically consists of at least three vehicles, with the one carrying President Biden featuring a football-like device, often referred to as the “nuclear switch.” This switch allows President Biden to authorize nuclear power use from anywhere in the world if necessary. The vehicle is also equipped with a satellite phone link to the Pentagon, enabling direct communication with the U.S. Department of Defense.

U.S. Secret Service’s “Packet” for Overseas Travel

When President Biden travels abroad, a team of doctors accompanies him. The U.S. Secret Service maintains a packet of blood matching the President’s blood group, and this packet is carried in the same motorcade as President Biden. The exact number of these packets is not disclosed. These packets are used in case of any medical emergency during the President’s travels.

For the G20 summit, President Biden’s carcade includes approximately 60 vehicles in total. Security for foreign dignitaries is managed by the CRPF, Delhi Police, and other central forces. VIP protection personnel have received specific training, including protocols for ensuring the safety of foreign guests during their travel from their cars to hotels. Security personnel have been trained to handle various situations and ensure the safety of dignitaries. Different security forces are assigned responsibilities based on the location where the foreign dignitary is staying.

Delhi is hosting foreign dignitaries across 23 hotels in Delhi and 9 hotels in the NCR region, all with stringent security arrangements in place.

From managing the carcade to securing hotels, the security measures in place for the G20 summit underscore the importance of ensuring the safety of all attendees, especially the visiting heads of state and government officials.

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