Travel Advisory Issued for Indians in Canada Amid Terrorism Threats

Travel Advisory Issued for Indians in Canada Amid Terrorism Threats

Following terrorist threats against Indians residing in Canada, the Ministry of External Affairs has issued a travel advisory. Alongside this advisory, India has initiated its largest diplomatic move, sending a strong message worldwide that Canada appears unable to control terrorists and public threats within its borders. Experts in international affairs suggest that this is a significant development, indicating that if a country advises its citizens to travel abroad only because extremist organizations in that country are targeting people from a specific nation, it signifies that the host country is failing to rein in terrorists and those making open threats.

The controversy has deepened since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s accusations regarding the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Following threats from Sikh For Justice (SFJ), a pro-Khalistan organization, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has issued travel advisories for Indian residents and students in Canada. Foreign affairs experts and former diplomats assert that the Indian Ministry of External Affairs must have carefully considered its actions before issuing this advisory. It signals that, in the current circumstances, Canada’s government is weak when it comes to dealing with terrorists and those making threats. This is significant because it advises Indian citizens to stay away from a country that is apparently unable to protect them.

Foreign affairs experts and Dr. Abhishek Singh, Assistant Professor at Delhi University’s International Relations Department, assert that this advisory has dual purposes: primarily, safeguarding Indian citizens and, secondarily, sending a strong diplomatic signal. It reflects the situation in Canada and is a message to the world about the state of affairs in that country. They argue that if Canada, despite ongoing threats from extremist organizations and declared terrorists targeting Indian citizens, cannot control these threats, it either implies that Canada’s government is accommodating our adversaries or that it is unable to reach these terrorists. This dual purpose advisory is significant and carries a diplomatic victory.

In the backdrop of recent threats issued by proclaimed Khalistani terrorists and extremist organizations against Indian citizens living in Canada, this advisory underscores India’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its citizens. However, it also sheds light on the international perception of Canada’s ability to address terrorism and threats effectively within its borders.

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