Tragic Shooting Claims Life of BJP Leader Anuj Chaudhary in New Moradabad

Tragic Shooting Claims Life of BJP Leader Anuj Chaudhary in New Moradabad

In a shocking incident that took place at Parsvanath Pratibha Society in New Moradabad, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and candidate for the position of Block Chief, Anuj Chaudhary (35), was shot and killed on Thursday evening at around 6 PM. He sustained four gunshot wounds to his head, shoulder, and back. He was strolling on the street within the society premises with his friend when the assailants attacked. Despite having his security personnel and staff present in his flat, the tragic incident occurred.

According to relatives, a possible political rivalry led to the altercation. Four individuals, including the husband and son of the Block Chief aspirant, have been named in the case. Anuj Chaudhary, a resident of Nekpur in Aliya, under the jurisdiction of Echoda Kamboh police station in Sambhal district, was living in Tower T-7 of Parsvanath Pratibha Society, Flat No. 401 and 402. He was contesting the elections for the position of Block Chief in the Asamoli block.

Anuj was provided with a government-appointed gunner by the Sambhal police. He also had two private gunmen for his personal security. On that fateful evening, like every other day, Anuj was taking a stroll within the society premises along with his friend, Puneet, who is a resident of Sambhal. As they reached the gate numbered one, three assailants on a bike approached them.

The rider of the bike was wearing a helmet, while the two passengers sitting behind were without masks. The trio started firing indiscriminately with a .315 bore rifle and a pistol. Anuj was hit by bullets in his head, shoulder, and back, causing him to collapse on the spot. Puneet tried to save himself by running towards a nearby park, but the assailants also fired at him, injuring him in the process.

The sound of gunshots drew the attention of residents in nearby flats, and the assailants fled the scene through Gate No. 1. Anuj was rushed to the hospital by the police, where doctors declared him dead. Senior police officials, including SSP Hemraj Meena and City SP Akhilesh Bhadauria, arrived at the scene for investigation and took statements from witnesses.

The first bullet struck Anuj’s head as soon as the assailants reached him on their bike. While some residents were enjoying an evening stroll, others were preparing to go out. Anuj and Puneet, along with another individual who was on a call, stepped out of their flat. At around 6 PM, a bike arrived from behind, carrying three young men. As the bike approached Anuj, the person sitting behind shot him in the head, resulting in him falling on the road. Puneet’s quick thinking led him to flee towards a parked car for cover, while the third person talking on the phone ran directly towards the gate.

Within six seconds of the bike coming to a halt, the two assailants got off and fired multiple shots at Anuj and Puneet. The assailants took merely 15 seconds to shoot Anuj four times. Seeing this, Puneet bravely confronted them, and in response, one of the assailants fired at him, injuring him as well.

The police investigation revealed that the assailants had entered the society from Gate No. 2 approximately 20 minutes before the incident. However, the security guards on duty, Manak Singh and Deepak, did not stop them, and there is no record of their entry. After committing the crime, the assailants fled from the society through Gate No. 1 without any hindrance.

A case of murder, including against the husband and son of the Block Chief aspirant, has been registered at the Mazhola police station by Anuj’s friend Sandeep Singh. During the incident, Prabhakar (husband of the Block Chief), his son Aniket, residents of Hajibedha and Bhawalpur, Amit Kumar, and other accomplices arrived at the scene. Prabhakar and his group shot Anuj dead and injured Puneet.

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