Tragic Incident in Chamba, Uttarakhand: Mother and Infant Swept Away by Landslide

Tragic Incident in Chamba, Uttarakhand: Mother and Infant Swept Away by Landslide

In a heart-wrenching incident in Chamba, Uttarakhand, the joyous journey of Poonam, a resident of the state, to her maternal home with her four-month-old baby turned into a tragic catastrophe midway. Accompanied by her children, Poonam was en route to her in-laws’ place when they decided to stop near a market to buy some essentials. However, upon their return, they found nothing but a heap of debris at the spot where their car had been parked.

The same fate befell Suman Khanduri’s family, who was also traveling with her nephew and her brother’s wife to meet them. However, the landslide from the mountains took everything away from her in a matter of moments.

After nearly three hours of rescue operations, when one by one, three bodies were recovered, the grieving families were left in shock. Villagers recounted how the joy of their daughters and grandson coming to their maternal home turned into mourning within minutes.

This calamity has cast a dark shadow over Suman’s family, snatching away happiness from three households. Along with a newborn, the tragedy claimed the lives of two of their young daughters. The painful incident has shrouded Suman’s village of Jaspur and Poonam’s maternal village of Dargi in mourning.

Tehri district witnesses annual cloud bursts and landslides, which have resulted in several deaths over the years. Since the formation of the state, more than 84 lives have been lost in various such incidents. Bhilangna, Narendra Nagar, and Jaunpur block areas are among the most vulnerable regions in terms of such disasters.

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