Tragic Death of Prayagraj Student Sparks Outrage: Teenager Beaten to Death for Opposing Harassment of Cousin

Tragic Death of Prayagraj Student Sparks Outrage: Teenager Beaten to Death for Opposing Harassment of Cousin

In a heart-wrenching incident in Khiri, Prayagraj, a 16-year-old student named Satyam Sharma was brutally beaten to death for opposing the harassment of his cousin by a group of young men from a different community. The assailants surrounded him on the street and launched an attack, which escalated to the use of a wooden plank. The police, upon seeing his condition, rushed him to the hospital, but infuriated relatives and villagers staged a protest at Khiri Chowk. The police have detained three suspects and have deployed a heavy police presence in the area due to the tense situation.

The deceased student, Satyam Sharma, was the son of Manokamna Sharma from the Puradattu village. His father had already passed away. He was a student at Paramanand Inter College. His cousin sister also attended the same school as a 10th-grade student. On Monday, after school was dismissed, they were returning home when they were accosted by a group of youths from the same locality, who are also students of the school.

Upon reaching the Turkpurwa locality, the group of boys, who belonged to a different community, tried to forcibly grab Satyam’s cousin’s hand. She raised an alarm, leading to a confrontation between Satyam and the youths. In the scuffle, Satyam was attacked, and the assailants mercilessly beat him with a wooden plank until he collapsed on the ground.

The attackers then fled the scene after issuing threats. Satyam lay injured on the road for nearly half an hour. Eventually, someone informed the Khiri police, who reached the spot. Given the severity of his condition, he was rushed to the SRN Hospital. However, before his family could arrive, he was declared dead.

As news of the incident spread, outraged relatives and villagers gathered at the scene. Learning about their son’s tragic demise, the family was incensed. A massive crowd formed, demanding the immediate arrest of the culprits and blocking traffic on the Khiri-Kohdar and Khiri-Naribari roads.

Police officials, including SRN Yadav, rushed to the site to handle the situation and negotiate with the family. Despite their attempts, the situation remained tense. The police, in a statement, noted that there was a dispute between the students, and the accusations of harassment were incorrect. The family has not yet filed a formal complaint, but once they do, further action will be taken.

This incident has left the community shocked and has raised concerns over the safety of students and the need for vigilance against such acts of violence.

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