Tragedy Strikes Mathura’s Vrindavan as Two Drown in Yamuna While Seeking Blessings

Tragedy Strikes Mathura’s Vrindavan as Two Drown in Yamuna While Seeking Blessings

Vrindavan, a sacred town in Mathura known for its devotion to Lord Krishna, witnessed a heartbreaking incident as two individuals, a member of the Indian Air Force and an unidentified youth, drowned in the Yamuna river while seeking blessings on Tuesday morning. Despite extensive search efforts conducted by the police with the help of divers, the victims could not be located.

Avinaash Singh, a 24-year-old resident of Unnao, had come to Vrindavan to visit temples with his cousin Abhishek Singh, a resident of Shivrajpur police station area in Kanpur Nagar. On Monday evening, they decided to take a holy dip in the Yamuna at the Biharighat before visiting the temples. Around 7:00 AM on Tuesday, as they were performing their rituals and taking a bath, Avinaash Singh slipped and was pulled into the deep waters of the river. Abhishek Singh immediately raised an alarm, but help arrived too late.

Abhishek Singh, in a desperate attempt, shouted for assistance, prompting nearby devotees and onlookers to rush to the scene. However, due to the delay, the police had to halt their search operations due to the darkness of the night.

According to Abhishek, they had come to Vrindavan to offer prayers and seek blessings at the temples. Avinaash Singh is an Indian Air Force personnel stationed in Bangalore. Meanwhile, Vijay Kumar, the in-charge of the Rangaji Police Outpost, revealed that another unidentified youth drowned near the Kesighat while taking a dip in the Yamuna during the same time. A green-colored pair of pants was found near the Pantoon Bridge close to where the incident occurred.

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