The verdict on media coverage of ASI survey at Gyanvapi Mosque expected today

The verdict on media coverage of ASI survey at Gyanvapi Mosque expected today

Varanasi: On Wednesday, the Anjuman Intezamiya Masjid Committee knocked on the doors of District Judge Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwesh’s court regarding the ongoing Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) survey at the esteemed Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi. The committee’s application for a hearing was granted. According to legal representatives, the court listened to arguments and explicitly stated that the ASI survey must remain confidential. The survey’s report has been submitted to the court, with strict instructions against any leaks. Both parties were urged to refrain from unnecessary sensationalism. Given the potential for misinformation on social media concerning the survey’s findings and appearance, caution was advised. Additionally, the court has secured the records related to the case. A comprehensive order is expected to be issued on Thursday.

The Anjuman Intezamiya Masjid Committee stated that contrary reporting of facts related to the survey is causing unrest in society. Misreporting of places that have not yet been surveyed is contributing to misinformation as well. In contrast, the Hindu party asserted that the media is merely performing its duty. The reports being shown pertain to the previous survey.

The Court Encourages Restraint for Both Parties and the Media

In the courtroom, Rakhi Singh’s advocate Saurabh Tiwari mentioned that the media has the freedom to publish news under the fundamental rights of the Indian Constitution. If any incorrect news surfaces, the media takes steps to rectify it. Advocates Man Bahadur Singh and Saurabh Tiwari, representing the four female petitioners in the Mother Shrungar Gauri case, along with other representatives, pointed out that the court has called for restraint from both sides as well as the media. The advocate for the Masjid Committee, Mumtaz Ahmad, mentioned that the court has safeguarded its order and a comprehensive understanding will be possible once the order is received.

ASI’s Survey Application Denied

An application was filed by the Anjuman Intezamiya Masjid Committee to halt the ASI survey at Gyanvapi Mosque. They pointed out that the survey costs for female petitioners were not deposited. The survey is being conducted without the fees being paid, which contradicts the law. The ASI was not issued a writ to conduct the survey, nor was written information provided about the survey.

The survey being conducted goes against the legal process and provisions of general rules and the Civil Procedure Code. The advocates for the female petitioners raised objections and demanded time to submit their objections. The court scheduled a date for August 17th.

Objection from the Masjid Committee in Rakhi Singh’s Case

During the court proceedings, another case related to Gyanvapi emerged where advocate Ramesh Upadhyay, representing Rakhi Singh, mentioned that objections have arisen from both sides regarding the alleged appearance and worship of a certain Shivling during the survey. An appeal was made to release an order after the hearing. During the hearing, Anjuman Intezamiya’s Mumtaz Ahmad, Raees Ahmad Khan, Tauheed Khan, Merajuddin Siddiqui, Akhlak Ahmad, and Hindu party’s four female petitioners’ advocate Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi, Deepak Singh, Pawan Pathak, Madan Mohan Yadav, and Amit Srivastava from the Government of India’s Standing Council, along with Rakhi Singh’s authorized representative Jitendra Singh Visen, were present in court.

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