Technical Glitch Disrupts Air Travel Across Britain; Government Assures Resolution

Technical Glitch Disrupts Air Travel Across Britain; Government Assures Resolution

In a widespread disruption of air travel services across the United Kingdom, travelers are facing numerous challenges due to technical issues, leading to chaos at airports. Hundreds of flights have been significantly affected, leaving thousands of passengers stranded at various airports. The British government announced on Tuesday that while the technical issue has been resolved, the aftermath is continuing as airlines struggle to accommodate stranded passengers through alternative flights.

On Monday morning, a network-wide glitch occurred in Britain’s air traffic control computer system. This resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of flights. Concerns emerged on social media suggesting a cyber attack on Britain’s transportation system. However, Mark Harper, a minister in the British government, dismissed such rumors.

No Cyber Attack Behind Traffic Control Malfunction

Harper clarified that the disruption to air traffic control on Monday was not caused by a cyber attack. He stated that at this scale, such incidents are extremely rare, as the system generally operates effectively. He asserted that technical experts have investigated the matter and it is clear that there was no cyber security incident.

Independent Review of the Incident to Follow

The minister announced that an independent review of the incident will be conducted, and a report is expected in the coming days. He further mentioned that the system was rectified on Monday afternoon and things are returning to normal. However, some disruptions persist, which will continue to affect people today. Harper acknowledged that thousands of individuals have been impacted. He expressed hope that airlines will step up their responsibilities and ensure passengers are transported to their destinations, either through alternative flights or by arranging accommodations, meals, and beverages during the waiting period.

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