Special Session of Parliament: Women’s Reservation Bill to be Presented in Rajya Sabha Today

Special Session of Parliament: Women’s Reservation Bill to be Presented in Rajya Sabha Today

Today marks the fourth day of the special session of Parliament. In a significant development, the government will present the “Women’s Reservation Bill” in the Rajya Sabha. It’s worth noting that the bill was passed in the Lok Sabha with 454 votes after an extensive debate on the third day of the special session. During the debate, 27 female members actively participated.

After receiving the Lok Sabha’s approval, the Women’s Reservation Bill will be tabled in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday. Once approved by the Upper House, the bill will be sent to the President for assent, making it law.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his gratitude for the unprecedented support the bill received, with 454 Members of Parliament voting in favor and only 2 against. He thanked all the Members of Parliament from various parties who supported the bill.

Increasing Women’s Leadership with Party Reservations

During the ongoing parliamentary discussion on the Women’s Reservation Bill, a recent report by PRS Legislative Research highlights that several countries have enhanced women’s political participation by reserving seats for women in political parties. According to the report, countries like Norway have 46% women representation, South Africa has 45%, Australia has 38%, and France and Germany have 35% women representatives in their legislatures. These countries achieved this ratio not by reserving seats in the parliament but by political parties reserving candidacies for women during elections.

The report also pointed out that Bangladesh has reserved 50% of its parliamentary seats for women, but only 21% of its members of parliament are women out of a total of 300. It was argued that reserving seats for women in Parliament could limit choices for voters. Therefore, experts suggest that political parties should consider reserving candidacies for women within their organizations as a more effective approach.

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