Rising Water Levels of Jakhan River Lead to Road Closures

Rising Water Levels of Jakhan River Lead to Road Closures

Heavy rain has caused the water level of Jakhan River to rise, resulting in the flooding of approximately 50 meters of the approach road to the 125-meter-long Jakhan Bridge near Suryadhar Lake Road. Consequently, the contact between Thano and Bhogpur has been cut off. Additionally, the overflowing of Vidalana River has led to the flooding of nearly 200 meters of Thano-Sindhwal Road.

Since Sunday night, Jakhan, Vidalana, and other rivers and streams originating from the hills of Thano and Ranipokhari have been surging due to the heavy rainfall. The water level in Jakhan River remained quite high, causing around 50 meters of the approach road to Jakhan Bridge on Thano-Bhogpur Road to be washed away. This resulted in a motorbike being swept away on Monday. However, the Ranipokhari Police managed to rescue the motorbike rider. Meanwhile, the overflowing of Vidalana River led to the flooding of approximately 200 meters of the Thano-Sindhwal Village Road. The overflowing Jakhan River in Ward No. 9 of Athurwala caused damage to forest land and private property through soil erosion.

In Bhogpur, floodwaters from Mahadev Khale entered several homes and fields. The Ranipokhari Police redirected the flow of water using JCB machines. Approximately 150 meters of the protective wall built by the Forest Department and the wire mesh near the Jakhan River in Athurwala Ward No. 6 were swept away. Some plots of land owned by locals were also affected.

Thano Route Blocked, Travelers Rerouted via Airport Road

The approach road to Jakhan Bridge and the approach road over Vidalana River have been blocked due to flooding, necessitating the closure of the road from both directions. People stranded on the road were redirected via the Airport Road to Thano-Bhogpur Road. Regional MLA Brij Bhushan Gairoli also conducted an inspection of the affected area.

Major Routes Affected by Damage

In the hilly areas of Thano and Ranipokhari, over a dozen contact roads have been affected by landslides and rising river levels. Around two large sections of the Suryadhar-Sanggaon Road have been washed away due to the flooding of Jakhan River. Loaneevi has closed this route for safety reasons. The Itharna-Devali Road, connecting Tehri Aggarakhal with Bhogpur, has been damaged due to landslides and waterlogging at Gadera. The Sheragodi-Baderana contact road under the Haldwadi Gram Sabha of Pahadi has been flooded at several locations due to heavy rain. In this area, the protective wall of Ram Singh and Neeraj Singh’s house in the village was also washed away.

The approach roads to bridges over Jakhan and Vidalana Rivers and nearly a dozen roads in the hilly areas have been damaged. The 125-meter-long Jakhan Bridge was constructed by Loaneevi in 2008, while the Vidalana Bridge was recently completed a few months ago.

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