Rain Provides Relief to Delhi-NCR Residents Amidst Sweltering Heat

Rain Provides Relief to Delhi-NCR Residents Amidst Sweltering Heat

Wednesday morning witnessed the onset of rain in several areas of Delhi-NCR, bringing much-needed relief from the scorching heat that had been prevailing for the past several days. The heavy rainfall has revitalized the weather, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, there has been a drop in the temperature, providing respite from the intense heatwave that had enveloped the region.

For the past few days, people were grappling with oppressive heat, making living conditions difficult. The sudden rainfall has provided some relief from the sweltering heat, offering a brief respite.

According to the Meteorological Department, light rain was expected in some places on August 22 and 23. During this period, the maximum temperature is expected to remain between 33 to 36 degrees Celsius. However, on Monday, August 21, the city recorded the hottest day of August in the past three years.

Despite the month of August usually bringing heat reminiscent of May and June, this time the effect has been even more pronounced. The highest temperature recorded was 38.1 degrees Celsius, which is about four degrees above the normal range. In some parts of Delhi, the temperature crossed 39 degrees Celsius. The scorching sun and intense heat had left people in a state of discomfort throughout the day. This recent spell of weather harkens back to the heat experienced during May and June, a departure from the typical August conditions. The all-time record for the hottest day in August was set in 1987 when the temperature reached 42 degrees Celsius on August 12.

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