Raging Wildfire Strikes Maui’s Jungles in Hawaii

Raging Wildfire Strikes Maui’s Jungles in Hawaii

A ferocious wildfire has erupted in the jungles of Maui, located in the Hawaiian Islands of the United States. The intensity of the fire can be gauged by the fact that during evacuation, at least 53 people have tragically lost their lives due to getting trapped in flames in the Lahaina town. Firefighters are working relentlessly to gain control over the blaze.

The Situation at Hand

Recently, a new fire has sparked in Lahaina, Pulehu, and Upcountry areas of Maui, Hawaii. People are being forced to jump into the ocean to save their lives. Notably, a significant portion of historical towns on the island has been devastated by the jungle fire. The swift spread of the fire is partly attributed to the strong winds associated with Hurricane Dora.

Confirmation of 17 Deaths

Maui County reported on Friday that firefighters are continuously working to rescue people and contain the fire. The fire in Lahaina has become so aggressive that rescuing people has become increasingly challenging. Seventeen people have been confirmed dead, bringing the death toll to 53.

Current Conditions

Firefighters are facing considerable difficulties. Approximately over 14,000 people were evacuated from Maui Island on Wednesday. Those who have been rescued have been either relocated to other places by air to conclude their vacations or sent back home. The rescue process is ongoing.

Control Progress

As of Thursday, Maui County stated that about 80% of the wildfire in the jungles of Lahaina has been brought under control. Additionally, the entire Lahaina region is without power. Furthermore, around 11,000 people in Maui are living without electricity. Entry into Lahaina has been restricted due to the current circumstances. Nearly 70% of the Pulehu fire has also been contained.

The wildfires in Maui’s lush landscapes are a grave concern, causing loss of life and destruction of significant historical sites. As firefighters strive to manage the inferno, the community stands united in grappling with the unfolding crisis.

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