Rafting Enthusiasts Finally Enjoy Ganga Adventure at Rishikesh After Long Wait

Rafting Enthusiasts Finally Enjoy Ganga Adventure at Rishikesh After Long Wait

The wait for adventure seekers has come to an end as tourists embraced the thrill of river rafting in the Ganges on Saturday. After a prolonged period of anticipation, tourists from Marine Drive to Shivpuri, Club House to Brahmapuri, and even Tapovan to Nim Beach reveled in the joy of rafting.

The Uttarakhand Tourism Department granted the green signal for rafting operations on Saturday morning. Following this approval, tourists wasted no time and embarked on their river rafting journeys. Before commencing rafting operations, rafting operators conducted a sacred ritual, paying homage to Mother Ganga with due reverence. With chants of ‘Jai Maa Gange,’ tourists embarked on their rafting adventures, and by Saturday evening, around 500 tourists had enjoyed rafting.

Despite the Ganges’ water appearing somewhat turbid, it was deemed suitable for rafting. The Tourism Department’s team had thoroughly inspected the Ganges from Marine Drive to Nim Beach on Friday to ensure safe rafting operations. They submitted a report to the Tourism Directorate, and as soon as approval was received, the green flag was given for rafting.

On September 12th, the Tourism Department’s team had conducted an inspection of the river from Marine Drive to Nim Beach. During that time, although the Ganges’ waters were slightly turbid, the team confirmed that it was suitable for rafting. With the help of two rafts and five safety kayaks, the team covered a distance of 24 kilometers on the Ganges to ensure its suitability for this thrilling adventure sport.

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