Pilgrims to be Allowed on the Sacred Manimahesh Yatra 2023 After Registration in Hadser and Kugti

Pilgrims to be Allowed on the Sacred Manimahesh Yatra 2023 After Registration in Hadser and Kugti

During the Manimahesh Yatra of 2023, pilgrims will be granted permission to undertake the journey only after registration in Hadser and Kugti. Considering heavy rainfall and changing weather conditions, the district administration has made this decision to ensure the safety of pilgrims. In the event of any unfortunate incident, the administration will have accurate information available through registration. In view of this, relief and rescue efforts can be carried out effectively. Notably, this time pilgrims participating in the yatra will have to follow the old routes from Hadser to Dhancho due to the new road constructed in Hadser after heavy rains in recent days.

It is expected that with reduced rainfall after the monsoon showers, the district administration anticipates commencing the sacred Manimahesh Yatra from August 27th. The administration has planned to provide better facilities to pilgrims during the yatra. Special attention will be given to maintaining cleanliness and sanitation during the journey. In this regard, the Manimahesh Trust and the Bharmaur administration have initiated a cleanliness campaign from Hadser to the holy Dal Lake in recent days.

On the pedestrian route from Hadser to Manimahesh, numerous toilet facilities, especially near Langars, will be set up at various places to prevent the spread of litter and maintain the sanctity of the holy site. Prior to the yatra, charging points for electricity and electronic devices will be established at different locations along the route for the convenience of pilgrims. Due to heavy rains in recent days, the places for setting up Langars from Hadser to Dhancho have already been washed away. Alternative locations for Langars will also be explored.

To tackle the situation arising from recurring landslides in areas like Bagga, Lothal, Choodi, and Khadammukh on the Bharmaur-Pathankot highway, additional machinery and police teams will be deployed 24/7 for effective management. Deputy Commissioner Chamba, Apoorv Devgan, has emphasized that special efforts will be made to ensure the safety and protection of pilgrims during the yatra.

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