Manipur: ‘Peace Will Not Prevail in the State Until the Stolen Weapons are Recovered,’ Says Congress MP Gogoi

Manipur: ‘Peace Will Not Prevail in the State Until the Stolen Weapons are Recovered,’ Says Congress MP Gogoi

The state of Manipur continues to experience a volatile atmosphere with a recurring cycle of tensions and outbreaks of violence. Just when it seems that the tension is subsiding, violence erupts again, creating an unsettling environment. Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi stated on Wednesday that peace in Manipur cannot be achieved until the recovery of the stolen six thousand weapons.

No Dialogue Between Parties

Gogoi emphasized that the situation in Manipur remains grim as long as the recovery of the stolen six thousand modern weapons and six lakh rounds of ammunition doesn’t occur. He spoke to reporters and stated that violence has been ongoing in the state since May 3rd. The security forces’ armories were looted, and these weapons are now being used against civilians. He highlighted the absence of any dialogue or negotiation between both parties, making it difficult to envision peace and normalcy in the state.

CM’s Dissatisfaction from Both Communities

The Congress leader claimed that both the Meitei and Kuki communities are dissatisfied with Chief Minister N Biren Singh. He expressed disappointment that Home Minister Amit Shah had fully endorsed the Chief Minister in Parliament. Gogoi asserted that the presence of the Chief Minister in the peace committees had led to the failure of peace talks.

From Kaliabor, MP Gogoi remarked that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had misled the nation from the Red Fort. Peace cannot prevail in the state until the recovery of the six thousand weapons.

The Current Scenario

It’s worth noting that clashes began after the Meitei community demanded Scheduled Tribe (ST) status in opposition to the demand made by the Kuki community. Following the “Adivasi Ekjutata March” in the hill districts on May 3rd, clashes escalated. Over 160 lives have been lost since then. The violence has also resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives and the displacement of thousands of people.

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