‘Keep the Garland Ready… Your Brother-in-law is Coming,’ Bittu’s Provocative Statement that Led to His Arrest

‘Keep the Garland Ready… Your Brother-in-law is Coming,’ Bittu’s Provocative Statement that Led to His Arrest

Mevat Special Police Team apprehended Bittu Bajrangi, the accused in the Nuh violence case, from Chacha Chowk in Faridabad on Tuesday. Initially, he was taken into custody for interrogation. However, later on, the police formally arrested him. On Wednesday, Bittu Bajrangi was presented before the Nuh District Court in Haryana. This arrest comes after the filing of an illegal weapons case against him and 15-20 others under the Arms Act.

Bittu Bajrangi was taken into custody by Nuh police on Tuesday for his alleged involvement in inciting violence, making controversial statements, and hindering government work. His arrest is based on the charges of creating provocative videos and obstructing public services. The arrest followed a series of statements he made, and one of those statements has been noted as follows:

In a viral video, Bittu Bajrangi had targeted a specific community, making controversial statements. He mentioned that certain individuals from that community will come to their in-laws’ homes without even informing them. In the video, he said he was currently in Pali and will emerge victoriously from there. He advised others to prepare garlands of flowers for his welcome. He also indicated his travel plans. Towards the end of the video, he mentioned that the garlands should be ready as his brother-in-law is coming. It is claimed that Bittu Bajrangi’s statements were meant to provoke a certain community, which contributed to the eruption of violence in Nuh.

Bittu Bajrangi had posted several videos on social media, urging people to join the Braj Mandal Yatra (religious procession) and actively participating in it. He issued appeals for people to gather with complete preparation for the yatra.

Allegations of Hindrance in Government Work

Bittu Bajrangi and 15-20 others were booked under various sections of the IPC (Indian Penal Code), including sections related to unlawful possession of weapons and IPC sections 148/149/332/353/186/395/397/506, at Sadar Police Station, Nuh. He had confronted female police officers with swords and other weapons. Despite efforts to persuade him, he continued to hinder government work.

Nuh Violence Case

In Nuh, Haryana, Hindu organizations had obtained permission from the administration to carry out the Braj Mandal Yatra on July 31. However, violence erupted during the yatra, leading to a change in the course of events. Anti-social elements engaged in rampant vandalism, damaging numerous vehicles and setting some on fire. The violence extended to the Cyber Police Station in Nuh as well. Following the violence in Nuh, the unrest spread to Sohna and then to Gurugram. Faridabad was also engulfed by the flames of violence.

Who is Bittu Bajrangi

Rajkumar, alias Bittu Bajrangi, is a resident of Faridabad, Haryana. Due to his devotion to Lord Hanuman, he was called Bittu Bajrangi by his peers, and he is known by that name now. He claims to be the president of the Gau Raksha Bajrang Force organization. This organization had distributed posters encouraging participation in the Braj Mandal Yatra. Bittu Bajrangi has a history of multiple cases against him. He often wears saffron attire and frequently shares videos on social media platforms.

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