Jammu and Kashmir: More Than 10 Teams Surround Hideout in Kokernag, Encounter Ongoing

Jammu and Kashmir: More Than 10 Teams Surround Hideout in Kokernag, Encounter Ongoing

DGP Dilbag Singh of Jammu and Kashmir Police has revealed that a hideout in the Kokernag forest area is surrounded by more than 10 teams, preventing terrorists from escaping. He saluted the bravery of the officers leading the operation and mentioned that such operations are conducted in extremely challenging terrains. Despite the risks involved, the personnel conducting these operations are courageous. There is no tactical error in this situation.

Former DGP SP Vaid, a retired police officer, stated that in recent times, terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir have been using the region’s mountains, forests, and caves for guerrilla warfare tactics to inflict significant damage on security forces. To counter this, strategic planning is necessary.

Vaid, with over 35 years of experience, highlighted that there are usually two possibilities in such situations. Firstly, when your source has compromised, terrorists have information about your movement, and they try to lure you into an ambush with the intent of causing a major incident. Secondly, the leaks could be coming from the operations being launched, which allows the terrorists to inflict casualties successfully. He emphasized that there’s nothing tactical in the leakage of information.

Regarding the ongoing operation, DGP Dilbag Singh mentioned that it’s a continuous effort, and security forces are in close proximity to the terrorists. He also acknowledged the high level of danger, given that terrorists are hiding in the area with a hideout. Approximately ten teams were deployed at different locations.

Former DGP SP Vaid stated that he had observed a change in terrorists’ strategies lately, with the use of mountainous terrain and dense forests. They have been employing guerrilla warfare tactics to pull security forces into these areas to cause harm.

Vaid also recalled Operation All-Out, which was launched in 2017, resulting in the elimination of thousands of terrorists. After that, target killings were initiated, and security forces gained control. It appears that terrorists are now changing their tactics with cross-border infiltration, making it crucial to adapt strategies accordingly.

ADGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar emphasized that the Kokernag encounter operation is based on accurate information, and the two to three terrorists surrounded will be neutralized soon.

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