Jageshwar Dham to Illuminate with Modern Lighting; Lights to be Imported from Italy

Jageshwar Dham to Illuminate with Modern Lighting; Lights to be Imported from Italy

Jageshwar Dham is set to soon shine with modern lighting, with plans to import lights from Italy. In the first phase, the lighting work will be carried out under the master plan, costing around 10 crore rupees. Every temple in Jageshwar Dham will be adorned with modern lighting, and preparations for this have gained momentum.

The group of 125 temples at Jageshwar Dham is part of the Chief Minister’s dream project. The master plan for its development has been prepared, and efforts to implement it are in full swing. In the initial phase, illumination work will take place in the temples, with a proposed budget of 10 crore rupees. Notably, the lights for this project will be imported from Italy. Each temple will undergo lighting enhancements. After the installation of various colored modern lights as part of the master plan, Jageshwar Dham will be resplendent, and the entire temple complex will be illuminated with vibrant lights.

Deodar Forests to Shine Too

Under the master plan, not just the temples, but the dense deodar forests surrounding them have also been identified for illumination, and efforts are underway to enhance their appearance. As per the master plan, modern lighting imported from Italy will be focused on the deodar forests near the temple committee’s dharamshala. During the night, along with the premises, the deodar forests will also be illuminated with various colors, creating a vibrant spectacle.

PM Could Lay Foundation Stone

The work on the Jageshwar Dham master plan will commence soon, with preparations for its implementation nearing the final phase. Sources suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi might lay the foundation stone for the activities under the Jageshwar Master Plan, which is part of the Chief Minister’s dream project.

Final Presentation Before ASI Soon

For the initial phase of the Jageshwar Dham master plan, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has recommended some modifications. Upon receiving these directives, the consultancy has begun working on the revised draft. The final presentation before ASI will be made soon, following which the master plan will gain momentum.

The proposal to import lights from Italy is included in the master plan. Every task will be carried out in accordance with the guidance received for its development.

Amit Lohani, District Tourism Officer, Almora

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