Jadavpur University’s Response to Tragedy: Seeking Technical Solutions to Curb Ragging

Jadavpur University’s Response to Tragedy: Seeking Technical Solutions to Curb Ragging

Jadavpur University has been making headlines since the unfortunate demise of a student. In a bid to curtail ragging within the college campus, the Governor of West Bengal, Shri C.V. Anand Bose, has reached out to ISRO for technical solutions.

Exploring Technological Approaches

A statement was issued from Raj Bhavan on Thursday, revealing that the Governor and Vice-Chancellor of the university, Shri C.V. Anand Bose, has sought assistance from ISRO Chief to develop advanced technology to eliminate ragging within the university premises. Additionally, discussions with a firm in Hyderabad are underway, aiming to develop various technologies including video analytics, image matching, and remote sensing.

Installation of CCTV Cameras on University Premises

Jadavpur University’s newly appointed Acting Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Buddhadeb Saw, mentioned on Thursday that the process of installing CCTV cameras across the campus will commence within two days. He communicated to the media that as per the Governor’s directive, the university is committed to swiftly implementing the UGC’s guidelines against ragging. He also emphasized that the Governor has instructed me to take demonstrative actions, which will assure students and their families. The Governor is also in favor of establishing an anti-ragging squad within the university, with the anti-ragging committee set to begin its operations soon.

Senior Students Allegedly Involved in Harassment

Recently, a Kolkata police officer disclosed that the deceased student was a first-year undergraduate. He was subjected to ragging and sexual harassment. On the day of his demise, his clothes were forcefully removed in his room, numbered 70, in the student hostel. He was then paraded nude in the corridor. Following this incident, he jumped from the balcony, ending his life. We possess evidence to support these claims. Police report that 13 individuals were apprehended in connection to the incident. Investigation revealed that among the 12 accused (excluding one who is a youth), several were former students, along with the current student, facing allegations.

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