India’s COVID-19 Vaccine Diplomacy: Global Recognition and Gratitude

India’s COVID-19 Vaccine Diplomacy: Global Recognition and Gratitude

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when countries around the world were focused on saving their own populations, the Indian government also had the welfare of people worldwide in mind. Under this humanitarian approach, India provided COVID-19 vaccines to several countries across the globe, earning admiration and gratitude. One such country has expressed its heartfelt thanks on the global stage.

The Foreign Minister of Dominica Extends Gratitude to India It is important to note that the United Nations General Assembly is currently underway in New York, USA, with top leaders from around the world participating. Dr. Vince Henderson, the Foreign Minister of Dominica, took the opportunity to commend India from the UN podium. Dr. Henderson stated, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, the lessons we learned greatly inspired me. From this significant platform, I want to convey my deep gratitude to India for responding to our appeal and providing us with vaccines.”

India Supplied Vaccines to 98 Countries Worldwide Dr. Henderson further emphasized, “When we received vaccines, we made them available to other Caribbean nations. Therefore, I want to express sincere gratitude from this crucial platform, especially to the people and government of India, for coming forward to assist us in our time of need.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, India supplied COVID-19 vaccines to 98 countries worldwide, receiving praise for its vaccine diplomacy. Remarkably, India ensured that even economically disadvantaged countries, which may not have been a priority for Western nations, received timely vaccine supplies, setting a new humanitarian benchmark.

Praise from Other Nations During the India-UN Summit, Bhutan’s Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji remarked, “Vaccine Maitri is one of India’s most significant humanitarian initiatives. Through Vaccine Maitri, India provided COVID-19 vaccines to over 100 countries worldwide. The partnership between India and Bhutan exemplifies robust bilateral relations in the global South.”

Manish Gobin, the Minister of Food Security of Mauritius, also commented during the summit, “In 1990, India had a closed economy, and now we see where India has reached. However, India hasn’t forgotten other countries. It is not a nation that turns a blind eye to others. India is bringing together the Global South on a decision-making platform. The presence of countries like Mauritius at forums like G20 is a testament to this.”

Ahmed Khaleel, the Foreign Minister of the Maldives, remarked, “India is poised to become the world’s second-largest economy in the next 25 years. The world is closely watching India’s commitment. India is a crucial reason we were able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. It wouldn’t have been possible without our close allies and friends.”

India’s vaccine diplomacy during the COVID-19 pandemic has not only safeguarded its own population but also extended a helping hand to numerous nations globally, fostering goodwill and solidarity on the world stage.

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