Indian Railways to Change Train Numbers on Multiple Routes

Indian Railways to Change Train Numbers on Multiple Routes

Indian Railways has made the decision to change the numbers of more than half a dozen trains running on various routes. A notification has been issued in this regard, and the changes will be effective from next month. Passengers are advised to check the train numbers before arriving at their designated stations. Additionally, the railway administration has temporarily halted several trains at Roorkee station.

According to the notification, train number 14811, the Sikar-Delhi Sarai Rohilla Express, will operate with the new number 14713 starting from October 4th. Similarly, train number 14812, the Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Sikar Express, will be renumbered as 14714. Furthermore, train number 14711, the Rishikesh-Shri Ganganagar Express, will be assigned the number 14816 from October 1st. Additionally, train number 14712, the Shri Ganganagar-Rishikesh Express, will be renumbered as 14815, and train number 19791, the Jaipur-Hisar Express, will be numbered 14734, while train number 14825, the Hisar-Jaipur Express, will have a new number.

Apart from these changes, train numbers for Jaipur-Bathinda-Jaipur, Dhuri-Bathinda-Dhuri, and Firozpur Cantt-Fazilka-Firozpur Express trains will also be altered. Moreover, Indian Railways has decided to temporarily halt several trains at Roorkee Railway Station from September 26th to October 2nd. These include trains like Bapudham Eksp, DLI ASR JNSHTB EXP, Saharsa Amritsar JANSEWA EXP, Varanasi Jammu Tawi Begampura EXP, Yesvantpur Kochuveli Garib Rath EXP, Kolkata Amritsar AKAL TAKHT EXP, and Kolkata Nagarcoil Gurumukhi Express.

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