India-Canada Diplomatic Tensions: Updates on Visa Services and Dispute Resolution

India-Canada Diplomatic Tensions: Updates on Visa Services and Dispute Resolution

The Ministry of External Affairs held a weekly press conference on Thursday amidst the ongoing tensions between India and Canada. During the conference, they addressed various issues, including the suspension of visa services in Canada and the diplomatic dispute.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, Arindam Bagchi, stated that there is a degree of bias in the allegations made by the Canadian government. He suggested that Canada’s accusations may be politically motivated, and India has taken appropriate action in response.

Regarding the diplomatic dispute between India and Canada, Bagchi pointed out that Canada has a larger number of diplomats in India compared to Indian diplomats in Canada. He emphasized the need for equality in diplomatic representation between the two nations and suggested that more Canadian diplomats would be returning to Canada in the coming days to balance the numbers.

The suspension of Indian visa services in Canada means that Canadian citizens will not be able to avail themselves of visa services and, consequently, will not be able to travel to India until further notice. Bagchi clarified that visa services would remain suspended until the issuance of new orders, causing inconvenience to Canadian nationals who wish to visit India.

Regarding the safety of Indian students in Canada, the Ministry of External Affairs advised caution and issued an advisory. They emphasized that the Indian High Commission and consulates were working diligently to address any issues faced by Indian citizens and students. Bagchi reiterated that there should be no impact on visa policies for Canadian citizens as they are not the target of India’s actions.

Bagchi also addressed security concerns raised in Canada regarding Indian diplomatic missions. He emphasized that providing security is the responsibility of the host government, but India has its own security arrangements in some locations. He discouraged discussing these security measures publicly, suggesting it is not appropriate.

In response to the allegations made by the Canadian government, Bagchi mentioned that India has not received any specific information from Canada. He clarified that while Canada has shared information related to certain individuals involved in criminal activities, no action has been taken against them. He noted that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statements seem to be politically motivated, as India has provided several written documents to Canada, addressing their concerns.

In conclusion, Bagchi urged for a fair and balanced resolution to the diplomatic tensions between India and Canada, emphasizing that both nations should work towards maintaining a positive and constructive relationship.

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