Helicopter Services for Badrinath and Kedarnath Resumed from Joshimath

Helicopter Services for Badrinath and Kedarnath Resumed from Joshimath

Helicopter services for Badrinath and Kedarnath have resumed from Joshimath. The heli-service transported a total of 18 pilgrims to the two revered shrines. Rudraksha Aviation’s MI 17 series double-engine 20-seater helicopter took off from the airport for Badrinath early this morning.

After visiting Badrinath, the helicopter will land in Guptkashi. From Guptkashi, a smaller helicopter will take all the pilgrims to Kedarnath for darshan. After returning to Guptkashi, the pilgrims will be brought back to Joshimath by the MI 17 helicopter. The helicopter journey for the two shrines from Joshimath via Guptkashi is expected to take about two hours.

The company’s helicopter landed at the SDRF helipad at around 5 PM on Tuesday. The company’s officials and pilots have completed all preparations for today’s flight. Bookings for flights until around October 30th are also being made.

Rudraksha Aviation had started helicopter services for the two shrines from May 1st this year, using an 18-seater helicopter. The service was discontinued after June 20th due to the monsoon season. Now, with reduced rainfall, the service is being resumed.

“Twenty-seater helicopters have arrived from Joshimath to fill up for two shrines from Joshimath today,” said Raj Shah, the Operation Manager of Rudraksha Aviation.

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