Heavy Rains Cause Over 200 Tree Falls and Massive Landslides in Himachal Pradesh’s Capital

Heavy Rains Cause Over 200 Tree Falls and Massive Landslides in Himachal Pradesh’s Capital

Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, has witnessed over 200 trees falling due to incessant torrential rains persisting for the past three days. According to the Forest Department, more than 250 trees have already collapsed in the city within the last two days. Even on Tuesday, trees fell in different parts of the ctown including Baluganj, Bhattakuffar, and Sangti. Significant tree collapses have been reported in areas like Summerhill, Ruldu Bhatta, Naba, Majyath, Bainamor, and Jakhoo. As a result of tree falls and landslides, more than 25 vehicles have been trapped in the city. The risk to residential buildings is looming in several wards due to landslides.

At Ruldu Bhatta, the parking area near the power lines of 12 houses witnessed a tree fall, resulting in two cars being crushed and three motorcycles buried under debris. According to Councilor Saroj Thakur, power lines have been disrupted due to tree falls.

A house in Kaithu is also in danger due to landslides. Councilor Kanta Suyal informed us that protective barriers had been installed at the location. In Vikasnagar, a multi-storey building has suffered damage due to landslides. Councilor Rachna Bharadwaj reported that the building premises have been impacted by debris. Landslides have caused the closure of the Shakti Vihar road in the Tibetan Colony, Panthaghati.

Bhattakuffar is experiencing roadblocks and reduced mobility due to landslides on various roads. According to Councilor Narendra Thakur, cracks have developed on several roads that could potentially collapse at any time.

In Tutu, roadblocks were observed due to tree collapses and landslides, although Councilor Monica Bharadwaj restored the roads’ functionality. The bus stops in the area have also been affected by the debris. In Vikasnagar, near Verma Residency, landslides have created large cracks in the road, and houses are at risk.

Heavy losses have been reported in Bhattakuffar due to falling trees. Cars have been damaged and debris has cluttered the roads. In the city’s Summerhill area, several trees have fallen, causing disruptions in the traffic routes.

Additionally, landslides were also reported near Shimla Chakkar Printing Press, causing disturbances in vehicle movement. The Lok Nirman Vibhag Store near Baluganj has also been obstructed due to tree fall, affecting heavy vehicle transportation.

Amidst the heavy rains in the capital city, the Forest Department has been working tirelessly to remove the fallen trees from roads and buildings. The efforts of the teams led by DFO Anita Bharadwaj have been ongoing till 3:00 AM in order to clear the roads and premises affected by tree collapses. In spite of the persistent rainfall, three teams of the department reached various wards on Monday morning at 6:00 AM. DFO reported that around 70 fallen trees were removed between Sunday night 9:00 PM and 3:00 AM, contributing to the city’s rehabilitation efforts.

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