Heavy monsoon rains have caused a disaster, 52 deaths, 37 injuries, and a state-wide loss of 650 crore rupees.

Heavy monsoon rains have caused a disaster, 52 deaths, 37 injuries, and a state-wide loss of 650 crore rupees.

The state has incurred a loss of approximately 650 crore rupees due to the heavy monsoon rains and resulting disaster, with the potential for the figure to rise further. It’s the first time the state government has been updating daily data on disaster-related losses.

According to the State Disaster Management Department, an immediate report will be prepared upon the conclusion of the monsoon season and sent to the central government. This will expedite relief efforts after the disaster. Dr. Ranjit Kumar Sinha, the Secretary of Disaster Management, spoke with media personnel at the Secretariat and mentioned that the state is actively working with urgency to handle the aftermath of the disaster.

Deployment of Forces in Critical Areas

SDRF (State Disaster Response Force) and NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) have been stationed in necessary areas. Two helicopters have also been put on standby. Dr. Sinha mentioned that after a three-day visit to Haridwar district, a preliminary report has been submitted by the central team.

Accurate Daily Data for Government Assessment

All departments have been directed to provide a categorized breakdown of all kinds of damages caused during the monsoon period, along with accurate daily data, to the government. This will enable the preparation of a comprehensive report for immediate submission to the central government upon the conclusion of the monsoon season.

Highest Loss Recorded in Haridwar

Alongside this, each department has been instructed to prepare annual data on damages incurred during each monsoon period, facilitating comparative studies. Dr. Sinha stated that up to now, 52 people have lost their lives in the disaster, 37 are injured, and 19 individuals are missing.

During this period, nearly 50 lives have been claimed in road accidents and over 158 people have been injured. According to information from the Agriculture Department, standing crops have been damaged on 8582.28 hectares of land due to flooding. Additionally, 38.18 hectares of land have either been washed away or destroyed due to landslides. The highest damages have been reported from Haridwar, where standing crops on 8507 hectares of land have been damaged.

Immediate Information in Case of Disaster

Dr. Sinha emphasized that in the event of a disaster, any individual can provide immediate information through the helpline numbers 0135-2710334, toll-free number 1070, and 0135-2664314-15-16, as well as mobile numbers 8218867005 and 9058441404. Additionally, information can be sent via email.

Estimated 415 Crore Rupees Needed for Road Repair

The highest damages in the state have been due to damage to roads and bridges caused by the heavy rains. So far, 2915 roads have been damaged due to landslides, while 64 bridges have been affected. Some government buildings have also been damaged. The estimated cost of repairing roads, bridges, and buildings is 41,425.42 lakh rupees.

Closure of 251 Roads, Including Two National Highways

In the state, 251 roads are closed, including two national highways. According to a late Friday report from Lonivi, 18 state highways, nine major district roads, five district roads, 102 rural roads, and 115 PMGSY (Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana) roads are closed. On Friday, 240 JCB machines were deployed to reopen the roads.

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