Google Removes 43 Mobile Apps with Malware or Viruses from Play Store

Google Removes 43 Mobile Apps with Malware or Viruses from Play Store

Google has removed 43 mobile apps from its Play Store that were found to contain malware or viruses. These apps were downloaded a total of 2.5 million times. The developers of these apps are also accused of violating Google Play policies. These apps were displaying advertisements even when the phone’s screen was turned off.

According to a report by McAfee, these apps were draining battery quickly by displaying ads on the locked screen, causing inconvenience to users. Additionally, there was a risk of data leaks associated with these apps.

The 43 removed apps included TV/DMB players, music downloaders, and news and calendar apps. Most of these apps were related to media streaming. Fraudulent activities were also detected in some of these apps.

The report suggests that these apps could potentially control a user’s phone remotely, even from a distance. They were capable of reading messages and accessing storage. These apps also requested permission to show notifications before other apps, which could be used for banking fraud.

What to Do to Stay Safe?

If you suspect that your phone’s screen turns on frequently due to a specific app, check your settings and consider deleting that app. Also, disable background app refresh if possible. This will prevent apps from running in the background after the screen is turned off and improve battery life. Before downloading any app, make sure to check its reviews on the Play Store.

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