G20: Amitabh Kant, India’s Sherpa, Speaks on Summit Highlights and Jinping’s Absence

G20: Amitabh Kant, India’s Sherpa, Speaks on Summit Highlights and Jinping’s Absence

New Delhi, India – India’s leadership in the G20 summit has ushered in several new initiatives. During this period, several achievements have also been made, as India prepares to host the world’s leading economic leaders for the summit. Prior to the event, a press conference was held featuring India’s G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant, Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance Ajay Seth, and G20’s Chief Coordinator Harsh Vardhan Shringla.

During the press conference, Amitabh Kant stated that India has developed a unique model of digital governance as the foundation for accelerating development. The G20 Summit will be a platform for global leaders to discuss key issues. Over 220 meetings related to the G20 were held in 60 cities across the country, showcasing India’s diversity and federal structure. The New Delhi declaration is nearly ready, and recommendations will be presented to leaders during the summit.

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World is One Family,” said Amitabh Kant, emphasizing India’s commitment to this theme during its presidency. Prime Minister Modi highlighted that India’s presidency should be inclusive, decisive, and ambitious. They are focused on being inclusive, ambitious, and decisive during their presidency.

Regarding the top priorities for the G20 presidency, Amitabh Kant emphasized that a constant focus on achieving development goals was crucial, as only 12 out of 169 SDGs are currently on track, and there is a significant gap in meeting the SDGs by 2030. Speeding up progress, improving learning outcomes, achieving healthy results, and addressing malnutrition are all vital during India’s presidency.

India Hosts Meetings in 60 Cities

Kant highlighted that 29 invited countries and 11 international organizations participated in this summit. India hosted meetings in 60 cities and union territories, a significant expansion compared to previous G20 presidencies that limited meetings to just two cities in the host country.

China’s Absence from the Summit

Regarding China’s absence from the summit, Amitabh Kant stated that China is a major player in the international arena, and their participation in multilateral discussions differs from bilateral issues. Multilateral discussions require unanimous decisions on every issue, and every country has a veto power. India is capable of working with all countries and bringing them on board.

Will the African Union Be Included in the G20?

Regarding the inclusion of the African Union in the G20, Amitabh Kant mentioned that Prime Minister Modi has a lot of confidence in global South cooperation. He reached out to all leaders, and there has been a very positive response, with the formal announcement expected before the summit.

Focusing on Global Discussion Issues

Ajay Seth, Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance, emphasized that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, India’s G20 presidency would focus on global discussion issues that can bring about changes in people’s lives.

Technology Emphasis

Kant also mentioned a special focus on technology, particularly technology connected to the digital public infrastructure. Demonstrations were organized in the media center, showcasing India’s Reserve Bank Innovation Hub, which is still in its pilot phase. One of the innovations is the Central Bank Digital Currency, which will allow people, including international media personnel without Indian bank accounts, to receive some funds in their mobile wallets, making digital payments for products possible.

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