Four Bodies Recovered from Debris in Summerhill, Death Toll at 12, Several Missing; Search Operation Continues

Four Bodies Recovered from Debris in Summerhill, Death Toll at 12, Several Missing; Search Operation Continues

A landslide that occurred on Monday morning due to heavy rains in the capital city of Shimla trapped the Shiv Temple and buried the area below. By Monday, eight bodies were recovered, while on Tuesday, the NDRF team intensified rescue operations. So far, four more bodies have been retrieved, bringing the total count of recovered bodies to 12.

Within Summerhill, a family of seven individuals is still missing, causing distress among their relatives as their whereabouts remain unknown. In Summerhill, at least 20 individuals are still trapped. These are the people who were inside the Shiv Temple when the landslide occurred. However, the exact number of people who were caught in the landslide while traveling on the road is not known. This information has been provided by a local councilor. According to local administration, when the landslide occurred, a religious ceremony was underway at the temple. Most of the people were swept away along with the debris. In response to this, a joint team of NDRF, SDRF, and local administration has been conducting search operations in the stream below.

Meanwhile, Shimla Police has appealed that if anyone from Shimla or the surrounding areas near Summerhill has gone missing since the incident at Shivbari Temple, their names, addresses, mobile numbers, and all available information should be shared. For this purpose, contact Baluganj Police Station at 01772830193, Police Control Room Shimla at 01772800100, or call 112.

The incident took place due to the heavy monsoon rains on Monday morning. From around 7:15 AM, the voices of people were heard from the Shiv Temple in Summerhill. Around that time, due to heavy rains, a massive landslide struck the area, causing trees and debris to engulf the temple. The temple was completely buried under the debris. Those who had reached the temple had no chance to escape.

As soon as people in the vicinity learned about the incident, everyone rushed to the scene. The authorities were also informed. While the administration, police, and disaster response forces arrived at the scene, due to road closures, the heavy machinery reached the site after several hours. The soldiers started clearing the debris manually.

CM Sukhwindar Singh Sukhu and Deputy CM Mukesh Agnihotri, along with several ministers and legislators, visited the scene, assessing the relief efforts.

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