Food Adulteration in Gorakhpur: Red Chili Powder and Raisins Found Unsafe

Food Adulteration in Gorakhpur: Red Chili Powder and Raisins Found Unsafe

In Gorakhpur, food adulteration culprits have expanded their illicit activities beyond basic food items to now include staples like sattu (gram flour), milk, and sweets, as well as red chili powder, papad (crispy flatbreads), and raisins. The Food Safety and Drug Administration teams had collected 47 samples from various locations three months ago, and the results revealed that both red chili powder and raisins were found unsuitable for consumption, along with eight other samples.

This means they did not meet the required standards. Investigations revealed that the red chili powder from the Ketchup brand was adulterated with brick powder and chalk powder. Additionally, the raisins from the Taj brand contained chemicals to preserve freshness, but they also had insects in them. Shops where these samples were obtained are now facing legal action.

Officials stress that adulterated food items are not just substandard but can also be harmful to health. Food safety officer Vinod Kumar Rai stated that action would be taken against all these violations as per the regulations.

Adulteration in Food Products:

  • Red Chili Powder: Adulterated with brick and chalk powder, it is hazardous to health.
  • Raisins: Contain insects and are chemically preserved, making them unsafe for consumption.

Experts warn that consuming adulterated red chili powder can lead to health problems like kidney stones, digestive issues, gas, and mouth ulcers. It can be particularly dangerous for asthma patients if the powder is mixed with sawdust. Adulteration also harms the digestive system and can result in gastric erosion, ulcers, indigestion, and regular abdominal pain.

Authorities are taking stringent action against shops found selling such adulterated food items to ensure public health and safety.

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