Flight Services Likely to Resume from Hindon Airport After Five Months of Dormancy

Flight Services Likely to Resume from Hindon Airport After Five Months of Dormancy

After a hiatus of five months, flight services may be set to recommence from Hindon Airport. FlyBig Airlines has announced plans to initiate services from Hindon Airport to Bathinda and Ludhiana. However, there is currently no information available regarding the exact date of commencement in August or the corresponding fares.

According to airport authorities, a program is scheduled for August 12, in the presence of Member of Parliament V.K. Singh, FlyBig Airlines officials, and the Airport Director. During this event, formalities related to the launch of flight services will be addressed. The last flight from Hindon Airport was on January 25, destined for Kalaburagi and Hubli by Star Air. Subsequently, these services were suspended citing maintenance reasons.

Sources suggest that following the introduction of services to Ludhiana and Bathinda, flights for Mumbai, Kolkata, Ayodhya, Varanasi, and Kushinagar are also in the pipeline. The routes for these destinations have already been cleared by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

The aircraft operating for Bathinda and Ludhiana will have 12 and 20 seats, as revealed by the customer care of the airline company. These aircraft will be stationed at Hindon Airport, for which the runway has been prepared. Information on the exact date of flight commencement, fare details, and the start of bookings will be made available through the airline company’s official website.

Flights that had started for three cities have been discontinued.

Hindon Airport was inaugurated in 2019. Since then, flight services have been operational for three cities. Initially, Heritage Airlines had started a 9-seater flight for Pathankot, but it had to be discontinued due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequently, flights were started for Hubli and Kalaburagi. However, the planned resumption of services for Pathankot did not materialize, as the airline company didn’t show interest in it.

Start Date for Flight Operations Uncertain

FlyBig Airlines plans to begin flight services for Ludhiana and Bathinda. Nevertheless, the official launch date has not been disclosed by the airline company.