Fatal Accident in Keshavpuram, North-West Delhi: DTC Bus Collides with Two Scooters, Claiming Two Lives

Fatal Accident in Keshavpuram, North-West Delhi: DTC Bus Collides with Two Scooters, Claiming Two Lives

A tragic incident unfolded on Wednesday afternoon in Keshavpuram, North-West Delhi when a DTC bus collided with two scooters, resulting in the loss of two lives and leaving one person injured. The deceased have been identified as Kishan Kumar (43) and Hitesh Kumar (26), while Parvez (28) is currently undergoing treatment at a nearby Deepchand Bandhu Hospital. Eyewitnesses claim that despite the accident, the bus driver did not apply the brakes. Currently, the bus has been seized, and the driver, Amit Kumar, a resident of Karawal Nagar, has been arrested. The police have sent the bus for a mechanical inspection, and an investigation into the causes of the accident is underway.

According to the police, Kishan Kumar was a resident of Shalimar Bagh and lived with his family. Besides his wife Tarawati, he had three sons. He worked as a car driver for a private company situated in Shalimar Bagh. On Wednesday, he was riding a scooter towards Keshavpuram for some errand when the accident occurred. Meanwhile, Hitesh, a resident of Rohini, was the regional manager of a pharmaceutical company, and Parvez worked at the same company. Both Hitesh and Parvez were riding the same scooter to Keshavpuram on Wednesday, with Parvez at the wheel.

The collision took place near Keshavpuram Metro Station when Kishan was ahead of the two scooters, and the DTC bus with route number 913, traveling from Karawal Nagar to Kamruddin Nagar, was behind them. Suddenly, Kishan applied the brakes, and Parvez had to do the same, leading to a powerful impact as the two scooters collided with the rear of the bus. The driver reportedly dragged both scooters and riders for about 50 meters. Subsequently, with the help of passersby and an ambulance, the injured were taken to Deepchand Bandhu Hospital, where Kishan and Hitesh were declared dead. The Keshavpuram police have initiated an investigation into the incident.

In a distressing scene, the injured victims lay on the road, while onlookers recorded videos on their mobile phones. The injured youths did not receive immediate assistance from any passerby. Instead, people took out their mobile phones and recorded videos. The victims struggled on the road for about 15 to 20 minutes. Eventually, an ambulance arrived, followed by the police control room (PCR) van. With their help, the injured were transported to the hospital, but valuable time had already been lost.

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