Enhanced Security Measures for Foreign Guests in Upcoming G20 Summit

Enhanced Security Measures for Foreign Guests in Upcoming G20 Summit

Special arrangements have been made to ensure the security of foreign dignitaries during the upcoming G20 summit next month. Specially trained commandos are being prepared to safeguard heads of state and government officials from other countries. These commandos will be armed with Israeli “Tavor X95” and Austrian-made “Glock” pistols. The security cordon around foreign guests will include commandos equipped with “Glock” pistols (in plain clothes) in close proximity. Positioned slightly further away will be soldiers armed with Israeli “Tavor X95” rifles. The number of such commandos, who have been trained by the CRPF, is estimated to be around a thousand.

Additionally, 450 Delhi Police personnel armed with MP5 carbines will be responsible for the security of foreign guests. Some countries take the responsibility of protecting their heads of state and prime ministers themselves. Such countries include the United States, China, and Britain.

Real-Time Training for Special Teams Commences

For the foolproof security of foreign guests, a special unit of 1000 personnel has been prepared at the VIP Security Training Center in Greater Noida by the CRPF. Trainers from various regions of the country have trained this special unit. These personnel will be divided into approximately 50 teams. Shifting of these personnel to the NCCE grounds for real-time practice has commenced. Following this, they will be deployed to their designated positions.

It’s important to note that the personnel who received training at the VIP Training Institute of the CRPF are not ordinary personnel. They are all those who have been part of VIP security before, including units like the SPG and NSG. They will be part of the cavalcade of foreign heads of state and government officials. Some of them, especially drivers, are also receiving training.

“Joe Biden” to Have Maximum Security

The maximum security arrangements will be made for US President “Joe Biden”. His security detail will include nearly 300 personnel from the US Secret Service. The largest convoy on Delhi’s roads will be for the American President. His convoy might consist of more than 40 vehicles.

China, Britain, and Russia will take up the responsibility of securing their top leadership. Security-related equipment and arrangements from these countries will be brought to Delhi. A few Indian commandos will also be part of the outer security layer. Even the arms and sniffer dogs will be brought from these countries. The “Tavor X95” gun is considered highly effective for close combat situations. Its accuracy in hitting the target is exceptional. The X95 has a Picatinny rail (a platform above the rifle) for attaching sighting devices. A night vision device is mounted on the Picatinny rail, enabling accurate targeting even at long distances during day and night.

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