Destructive Earthquake Strikes Morocco: Conspiracy Theories Surround Mysterious Lights

Destructive Earthquake Strikes Morocco: Conspiracy Theories Surround Mysterious Lights

A devastating earthquake in Morocco has left a trail of destruction, claiming the lives of nearly three thousand people so far. The epicenter of the earthquake was beneath the Atlas Mountains. While African countries often experience earthquakes, this level of devastation has not been witnessed in many decades. The earthquake has also sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories.

It has been reported that before the earthquake struck Morocco, peculiar and intense lights were observed in the sky. Social media is flooded with videos depicting rapid and bizarre flashes of light that resemble lightning. This has led to debates and discussions about whether there is a connection between the earthquake and these lights, often referred to in scientific terms as earthquake lights or “earthquake lightning.”

According to reports in The Washington Post, mysterious lights were witnessed in the sky over Morocco before the earthquake. Scientists explain that during earthquakes, various types of luminous phenomena can occur, which are related to electromagnetic changes produced by tectonic plate movements. These lights can take on different colors, depending on the type of excited atomic or molecular species in the excited atmosphere. For example, oxygen can produce red or green light, while a mix may result in a bright yellow light.

Renowned senior research scientist Fredeman notes that during an earthquake at night, the illumination could be so intense that one might be able to read a book. Such luminous events have been observed before. In 1975, during the Kalapana earthquake, colorful lights were seen in the sky for several seconds. Subsequently, similar occurrences were reported during the Colima earthquake in Mexico in 2003, the Peru earthquake in 2007, and the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. In recent times, even during the Delhi earthquake this year, reports surfaced about sightings of earthquake lights.

While conspiracy theories about the lights persist, scientists continue to study these phenomena to understand their relationship with earthquakes and tectonic activities. The mysterious lights remain a subject of both scientific curiosity and public intrigue.

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