Delhi’s Weather: Temporary Relief from Heat as Strong Winds Prevail, Limited Rainfall in August

Delhi’s Weather: Temporary Relief from Heat as Strong Winds Prevail, Limited Rainfall in August

Relief from the scorching heat due to the strong winds over the next two days in Delhi. However, there will be a noticeable increase in temperatures. August is experiencing a severe dry spell due to the monsoon break. Only 11 days of light rain have been recorded this August, despite it being the peak month for monsoon showers. There’s no likelihood of rain in the last two days of August either. The beginning of September will continue to remain dry. While partially cloudy skies might persist until September 4th, chances of rain remain slim.

Despite the sunny days in Delhi recently, the weather has been pleasant. Even with a rise in temperatures over the past couple of days, the sense of heat and humidity is relatively subdued. On Tuesday, the maximum temperature was recorded at 36.5 degrees Celsius, two degrees above average, while the minimum temperature was 26.6 degrees Celsius. The light breezes have alleviated the perception of heat. The meteorological department has predicted strong winds for Wednesday and Thursday. Wind speeds of 25-35 kilometers per hour are expected on Wednesday and 30-40 kilometers per hour on Thursday.

According to the department, there will be a consistent rise in both maximum and minimum temperatures until September 3rd. During this period, the maximum temperature could reach 38 degrees Celsius, with a minimum temperature of 29 degrees Celsius. However, a slight dip in temperatures is expected on September 4th.

Similar to August, there is little likelihood of rain until the beginning of September. Rainfall has been 50% below average this August. The department will release information about the rainfall on August 31st. Only then will we know the extent of the rainfall deficit in August and whether any records have been broken.

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