Delhi Government Urgently Addresses Pollution Issue Stemming from Winter Crop Burning

Delhi Government Urgently Addresses Pollution Issue Stemming from Winter Crop Burning

The Delhi government is swiftly taking action to combat the rising pollution caused by the burning of crop residues in the frigid weather of the capital. On Wednesday, Environment Minister Gopal Rai wrote a letter to Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav and Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, requesting a joint review meeting with states to devise a meaningful action plan to save the people of Delhi from the increasing pollution risks associated with winter crop burning.

In the letter, the Environment Minister highlighted that despite a meeting with the concerned ministers of the states of the National Capital Region (NCR) regarding stubble burning on August 3rd, incidents of crop residue burning continue to surface. Therefore, it is essential to hold a review meeting with all the concerned states.

Minister Gopal Rai emphasized that pollution becomes a severe problem during the cold weather in Delhi. He urged the Central government to collaborate successfully with the Delhi government to implement this year’s Winter Action Plan. He has requested the Central government to conduct a joint review meeting with all the concerned states promptly.

Several factors contribute to the increase in pollution during the winter months, including crop residue burning, fireworks, vehicle emissions, dust pollution, and more. Keeping this in mind, the Delhi government is preparing a Winter Action Plan based on 15 focus areas.

These focus areas include hotspots, stubble burning, dust pollution, vehicular emissions, open waste burning, industrial pollution, green wall and green app, real-time enforcement study, e-waste eco-parks, expanding green areas, urban farming, promoting public participation, and a ban on fireworks. Additionally, the plan involves discussions and coordination with the Central government and neighboring states.

Different departments have been assigned specific responsibilities for the implementation of the plan. The Delhi government is committed to addressing the pollution issue and ensuring a healthier environment for its residents, especially during the winter season when pollution levels tend to rise.

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