Dehradun Grapples with Continuous Heavy Rain: Waterlogging and Flooding Cause Disruption

Dehradun Grapples with Continuous Heavy Rain: Waterlogging and Flooding Cause Disruption

Dehradun has been experiencing relentless heavy rain for the second consecutive day, causing overflowing of drains, canals, and rivers across the city. As a result, major roads and already troubled lanes and neighborhoods have turned into water bodies. Several two-wheeler riders met with accidents and injuries due to slippery roads.

People residing near riverbanks are facing anxiety throughout the night. District administration has issued alerts to the residents of Sahastradhara area and those residing near riverbanks, urging them to remain vigilant. Teams from the municipal corporation and administration have been patrolling the affected areas throughout the night.

The city has been witnessing heavy rain since Sunday. On Monday, heavy rainfall intensified, causing waterlogging and disruption. Although the weather remained clear during the day, heavy rainfall resumed around 6 PM. Intermittent heavy rain continued through the night.

The incessant rain has led to waterlogging in various areas including Majra Chowk, Prince Chowk, Railway Station Chowk, Ashal Hall Chowk, and Darshan Lal Chowk. This has resulted in traffic congestion and inconvenience for commuters. The market area also witnessed flooding, causing difficulties for shopkeepers.

According to the Meteorological Department, Dehradun district received 14.6 mm of rain in the last 24 hours, which is about 15% above normal. On Monday, the maximum temperature in Dehradun was 29.8 degrees Celsius. The department has issued an orange alert for heavy rain in Dehradun on Tuesday.

At the entrance of the Tapkeshwar Temple, debris from the hillside created obstruction. Devotees faced inconvenience as they waited for around one and a half hours before the debris was cleared. However, the debris didn’t cause any damage when it fell. Due to the rush of devotees on the occasion of Sawan, long queues formed inside the temple, and some devotees chose to wait for the debris to be removed for better darshan.

Roadwork for constructing a drain has caused water accumulation due to continuous rainfall near Rispana Bridge. This has resulted in waterlogging and is affecting shopkeepers in the area. The excavation work for the drain has been ongoing for several months and is now being impacted by the heavy rainfall.

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