Congress Contemplates Priyanka Gandhi’s Constituency for 2023 Elections Amidst Changing Dynamics

Congress Contemplates Priyanka Gandhi’s Constituency for 2023 Elections Amidst Changing Dynamics

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi will contest elections from Varanasi or Prayagraj, or maybe choose another constituency; discussions have begun on this matter. The party is actively working on five seats for her in the state. However, the first priority for the state leadership is Varanasi, where a strong challenge can be posed directly to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the other hand, preparations for Rahul Gandhi to contest from Amethi have started, and there’s a possibility of Sonia Gandhi contesting from Rae Bareli.

Earlier speculations within the Congress suggested that if Sonia Gandhi’s health prevents her from entering the electoral fray, Priyanka Gandhi might take her place in Rae Bareli. Similarly, due to legal complications, it was speculated that Priyanka might contest from Amethi instead of Rahul. However, the picture has now become clearer, with Rahul Gandhi’s decision to contest from Amethi. Local workers are gearing up for campaigning in Rae Bareli, and it’s believed that the socialist party would openly support the Gandhi family members.

With these developments, all eyes are now on Priyanka Gandhi. Party sources suggest that the state leadership is actively working on a strategy for Priyanka Gandhi on five constituencies in the state. Among these, Varanasi takes precedence, followed by Phulpur and Prayagraj. These constituencies hold significant Congress affiliations. Phulpur has historical ties with Congress, with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru having been elected as an MP from there three times. In the 16 elections, Congress has won seven times, SP six times, BSP once, and JD once.

In Varanasi, which is becoming a stronghold for the Congress, the entire country’s attention will be focused on her potential contest. Apart from these three seats, the allocation of the other two seats is yet to be decided. The complete data for these five seats will be sent to the central headquarters. Factors contributing to a higher possibility of winning will also be included. The party will conduct internal surveys for these constituencies to ensure data-driven decision-making.

Congress state president Ajay Rai states that they wish Priyanka Gandhi contests from Varanasi. This approach seems sensible here. If she doesn’t contest from here, she will contest from wherever she desires. The organization will not only ensure her contesting but also ensure her victory, with a well-thought-out strategy. These Lok Sabha elections will witness various crucial changes in the political landscape.

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