Commuters in Hills Feel Cheated Due to Negligence and Delay in Maintenance by Transport Corporation

Commuters in Hills Feel Cheated Due to Negligence and Delay in Maintenance by Transport Corporation

Commuters in the hilly regions are feeling cheated due to the negligence and delay in maintenance by the transport corporation. The situation is such that approximately 42% of buses in rural depots and mountain depots are awaiting repairs.

People in the hills wait for buses daily, and the transport corporation operates buses through different depots. Especially for the hilly areas, buses are operated through the mountain depot. The mountain depot has 82 buses, out of which approximately 32 buses are currently waiting for repairs at the Transport Nagar Roadways Workshop.

The delay in getting spare parts for these buses has hindered their maintenance. Consequently, only around 48 to 50 buses are operational on mountain routes. Similarly, there are approximately 50 buses in rural depots, out of which 11 buses are awaiting repairs in the workshop.

The failure to repair these buses has caused distress to passengers. However, according to Deepak Jain, the Managing Director of the Transport Corporation, the buses will be back in operation after maintenance.

Government Provides Supply, Yet Operations Are Not Functional

The state government provides the supply for operation on all mountain routes. This means that passengers may be scarce, but operating the Roadways buses is mandatory. However, despite this, the corporation is not prepared to operate them by repairing the old buses.

Frauding the Hill Residents

Prem Singh Rawat, the State President of the Roadways Employees’ Joint Council, says that due to the negligence of the Transport Corporation on mountain routes, passengers feel like they are being cheated. The corporation cannot provide spare parts on time, making the operations ineffective. Ashok Chaudhary, the State President of the Uttarakhand Roadways Employees’ Union, believes that the corporation intentionally does not want to strengthen the bus operation network on mountain routes.

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