Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s Delhi Visit; Congress Bolsters Presence in Capital

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s Delhi Visit; Congress Bolsters Presence in Capital

Top leaders of the Congress party convened a meeting in the national capital, Delhi, aimed at fortifying their party’s presence. Amidst discussions of gearing up for robustly contesting all seven seats in Delhi, party officials declared their readiness for upcoming elections. In the midst of these developments, plans were set in motion for a meeting between Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, and Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, indicating possible political alignments.

Political analysts have speculated that the Congress party, although appearing dormant in Delhi, has laid the groundwork to fight fiercely for all seven seats, thus posing an open challenge to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The Congress leadership also sent a clear message to all parties in the coalition that they should not discuss the allocation of fewer seats for their party in any other state, considering the party’s historical context.

On Wednesday, Congress organized a major meeting in Delhi to prepare its activists for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and to strengthen the organization. As this meeting unfolded, discussions in political circles began revolving around Congress’ efforts to consolidate its position in Delhi, ensuring its readiness for Lok Sabha elections and possibly making room for alliances in Bihar as well.

Alka Lamba, a leader of the Congress party, revealed that their leaders have instructed them to be fully prepared for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on all seven seats in Delhi. She mentioned that in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Congress had secured the second position in all seven seats, indicating that they believe their hard work, along with their workers’ efforts, will yield victory this time. This statement triggered political speculation and discussions.

Political analysts highlighted that Nitish Kumar’s presence in Delhi is instrumental in bringing together opposition leaders and is expected to facilitate a meeting between him and Arvind Kejriwal. Nitish Kumar consistently emphasized the importance of Congress’ involvement in opposition alliances. Now, as he meets with prominent Congress leaders while in Delhi, and with their clear intent to actively contest elections on all seven seats, it is evident that Congress has initiated a strategic political move.

According to political experts, Congress’ Delhi meeting not only aimed to boost their position in the capital but also to strengthen their organization in other states where the party is currently weak. Sources within Congress state that while seat allocation decisions will be made in alliance meetings, the party will not shy away from asserting its interests.

The senior leader from Congress suggests that given the current circumstances, it is crucial not to overlook the regional parties in coalition alliances, which manage non-Congress governments in various states. While Congress may not be as strong in Delhi, their position as the second runner-up on all seats in the 2019 elections adds weight to their claims. This move signals a fresh approach to seat-sharing negotiations across the country.

Political analysts underline that timing holds significant importance in politics, and the Congress’ meeting with Delhi leaders indicates a proactive stance. While Congress may not be dominant in Delhi, their strong position in the 2019 elections on all seven seats forms the basis of their claims. Thus, their active preparations for upcoming elections could reshape the political landscape in the capital.

While the immediate division of seats will be decided during coalition meetings, Congress is leaving no stone unturned in asserting its position. A senior Congress leader suggests that the party should remember to not compromise their interests, leveraging their weaker presence in various states to ensure a fair seat distribution. As the groundwork intensifies with the efforts of their activists, Congress hopes that seat allocation will be based on merit, ultimately benefiting the party’s political gains.

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