BEE Takes Action Against Hitachi for Incorrect Star Ratings on ACs

BEE Takes Action Against Hitachi for Incorrect Star Ratings on ACs

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has initiated action against Hitachi, a company producing air conditioners (ACs), alleging that they have been selling expensive ACs to customers by affixing incorrect star ratings labels. In the investigation conducted by BEE, the Hitachi Window Air Conditioner model RAW51HEDO did not meet the energy efficiency parameters, resulting in the cancellation of its 5-star rating. The company has also been directed to compensate customers for the extra charges associated with these ACs.

In the context of this incident, it’s important to note that air conditioners with higher star ratings typically consume less electricity, making them more energy-efficient. These labels are issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, and they help consumers make informed choices about energy-efficient appliances.

During BEE’s investigation, two of Hitachi’s air conditioner models failed to meet the required criteria, leading to the cancellation of their 5-star ratings. The company has also been fined as a consequence. Now, as a form of redress, the company is instructed to refund customers for the excess costs associated with these ACs.

On their website, BEE mentioned in an advertisement that Hitachi’s RAW518HEDO Window AC failed to meet the energy efficiency parameters set by BEE. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Hitachi has faced such action.

Similar incidents have occurred before, such as last September, when BEE published an advertisement in the New Indian Express revealing that Hitachi’s air conditioner model RAG124HYD had failed energy efficiency testing. BEE claimed the model had an ISEER of 3.16, but their investigation revealed it to be 2.78.

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