Assistant Professor Alok Gupta Murder Sparks Tension in Shahjahanpur

Assistant Professor Alok Gupta Murder Sparks Tension in Shahjahanpur

Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh: Tensions ran high in Miranpur Katra, Shahjahanpur, following the murder of Assistant Professor Alok Gupta. In the evening, when his body arrived, local businesses and the public staged a protest near the Katra Chowk on the Lucknow-Delhi National Highway, causing a traffic jam around 7 PM. The situation escalated further when news of an encounter with the suspect, Shahbaz, surfaced around 10:30 PM.

After a post-mortem in Bareilly, Alok’s body was brought back to Katra. During this time, there were multiple attempts to block the national highway by the locals, but the police eventually cleared the road. However, when news of the encounter with Shahbaz broke out later in the night, the protesters decided to disperse.

Shahbaz, the main suspect, had been residing in Haridwar ever since his name came up in the murder of former SP leader Sartaj Khan. He returned to Katra a few months ago after the case subsided. Shahbaz’s parents are deceased, and he has an elder brother, Sabir Hasan, and two younger sisters, who have left home following Alok’s murder.

A Special Operations Group (SOG) along with five teams have been deployed to apprehend the culprits. The police have activated their informer network to track down unknown assailants. Inspector Pawan Pandey stated that they would arrest the remaining suspects on Wednesday.

Encounter After Inspector Ambushed

According to police sources, after the medical examination in Katra, the Station Officer and Sub-Inspector Itesh Tomar left for Shahjahanpur with the suspect Shahbaz. About seven to eight kilometers from Katra, Shahbaz managed to snatch Sub-Inspector Tomar’s official pistol and fled the slow-moving vehicle.

He hid in a sugarcane field approximately seven hundred meters away. The police team pursued him, and Shahbaz opened fire. Fortunately, the bullet hit Inspector Pawan Pandey’s bulletproof vest. Other police teams arrived, and Shahbaz was eventually shot dead in the encounter. However, authorities have yet to provide more details about the encounter.

Tensions Rise Over Involvement of Another Community

Upon receiving news of the incident, SP Rural Sanjeev Vajpayee and CO Tilhar Prayank Jain arrived at the scene. They requested the forensic team to investigate but did not allow anyone to enter the premises. This led to allegations of concealing information by the public, and a commotion ensued. During this time, the name of another community member, Shahroj, surfaced.

Business owners accused the police of releasing Shahroj, despite being apprehended three times after the murder of the SP leader. Allegations arose that Shahroj was released under pressure from a Muslim leader. This led to tensions and accusations against a youth from the other community, sparking a commotion.

Demands for Demolition of Culprits’ Houses

In protest of the murder, business establishments shut down. IG Dr. Rakesh Singh was surrounded by business owners upon his arrival, demanding action against those who pressured the police to release the suspect. Markets and educational institutions remained closed during this period.

Several police teams, including Jalalabad, Jeetpur, Gadhiya Rangeen, Khudaganj, and Tilhar, were deployed to maintain security.

Assistant Professor Alok Gupta, who was employed at the Institute of Management and Technology near Shahjahanpur city, was attacked by armed assailants on Tuesday around 3 AM. He was brutally murdered with sharp weapons, and six other family members were also injured in the attack. Upon hearing the commotion, neighbors rushed to the scene and managed to apprehend Shahbaz, one of the attackers, who was later handed over to the police. The injured were taken to CHC and later transferred to a private hospital in Bareilly, where Alok Gupta was declared dead before arrival.

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