Asia Cup Matches Could be Relocated Due to Rain Threat in Colombo

Asia Cup Matches Could be Relocated Due to Rain Threat in Colombo

The Asia Cup, currently being hosted by Pakistan and Sri Lanka under a hybrid model, may see changes in its schedule due to the threat of rain. The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is considering relocating all matches, including the final, which were originally scheduled to be held in Colombo. According to media reports, these matches might be shifted to venues in Dambulla or Kandy.

Colombo has been experiencing continuous rainfall over the past few days. Due to rain in Kandy, the match between India and Pakistan was canceled. Now, the India vs. Nepal match is also under the threat of rain. The weather forecast for Colombo suggests the possibility of further rain in the coming days. This could impact the completion of matches scheduled in Colombo. Consequently, the ACC is contemplating a significant decision regarding the tournament.

Pakistan is the host for four out of the 13 matches in the Asia Cup, while Sri Lanka is set to host nine matches. Rain has already disrupted one match in Sri Lanka. If most of the remaining matches are affected by rain, cricket fans may miss out on exciting contests, and the ACC may face financial losses. So far, three group-stage matches have been played, and there are no group-stage matches scheduled in Colombo. Six matches, including the final, are planned to be held there.

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