Apple Issues Warning Against Overnight Charging for iPhones: Risk of Fire

Apple Issues Warning Against Overnight Charging for iPhones: Risk of Fire

If you’re in the habit of leaving your iPhone plugged in to charge overnight while you sleep, you might want to reconsider. Apple has issued a cautionary statement, stating that charging your phone overnight could potentially lead to a fire hazard. Apple advises against placing the device, power adapter, or wireless charger on or under combustible materials while connected to a power source.

According to Apple, during charging or usage, the phone, power adapter, or wireless charger should be placed on a well-ventilated surface. This warning comes in response to numerous user complaints over the past few months about their iPhones becoming excessively hot. Some users have even claimed that their phones became so hot that they froze or became unresponsive.

Apple’s warning also includes a recommendation to avoid using the phone while it’s charging. Additionally, users are advised to keep a safe distance from charging cables during the process, as a significant event could occur due to excessive heat buildup.

Apple suggests that even after charging or reaching a full charge, iPhones should not be placed beneath pillows or blankets while sleeping. Furthermore, the company emphasizes using only official charging cables and adapters to charge your phone, avoiding cheaper or third-party alternatives.

In light of these recommendations, it’s important to exercise caution when charging your iPhone to ensure the safety of both yourself and your device.

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