Another Woman’s Body Discovered in Mandakini River, Search Ongoing for 15 Missing People

Another Woman’s Body Discovered in Mandakini River, Search Ongoing for 15 Missing People

On Tuesday, the body of a girl, among the 16 missing people in the Gaurikund incident, was recovered. District Disaster Management Officer Nandan Singh Rajwar informed that the body was found nearly four kilometers downstream from the incident site, near the riverbank in Munakatiya. The identification of the body is currently underway.

It is worth mentioning that on the night of August 3rd, around 11:30 PM, heavy landslides near the Gaurikund Datapul caused three shops constructed alongside the highway to be swept away. Among the 23 people who were swept into the Mandakini River, the bodies of seven individuals had already been recovered. The search for the remaining 16 missing individuals was ongoing. Today, one more body has been recovered, leaving 15 individuals still missing.

Meanwhile, an extensive search operation is being carried out along the Mandakini River from Gaurikund to Ramapur and Sherasi, with the aim of finding the missing people.

Rudraprayag-Gaurikund Highway Sustains 40 Meters of Damage

Due to heavy rainfall and the swollen Mandakini River, a 40-meter section of the Rudraprayag-Gaurikund highway has suffered damage at Silli. Bansi Bada and Kund have also experienced significant damage to the highway. Additionally, over 29 secondary motor roads in the district have been closed, cutting off contact with more than 200 villages from their nearby markets as well as tehsil and district offices.

The intense continuous rainfall from Sunday night to Monday morning resulted in a rapid flow of the Mandakini River, causing 40 meters of the Rudraprayag-Gaurikund highway to be damaged at Silli. Only small vehicles can currently traverse this road. The protective walls along the highway have collapsed in Banswada and Kund as well. In semi-Bhainsari, Devi Dhar, and Tarasali, the highway’s condition is extremely sensitive.

The Rishikesh-Badrinath highway remained closed for four hours in Sirohbgarh. Due to rain, the highway was closed at 5 AM on Monday and was reopened at 9 AM. The newly constructed motor bridge over the Mandakini River near a pillar of the motor bridge in Banswada-Bashti motor route, connecting villages of the Baskukedar tehsil, has suffered damage, with a pit over 20 meters deep and 10 meters wide.

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