Amasaur Village Grapples with Landslide Fallout, Evacuations Underway

Amasaur Village Grapples with Landslide Fallout, Evacuations Underway

A landslide has been reported in the Katela Danda area of Amasaur village in the Dugadda block of Kotdwara. Upon witnessing the landslide, many residents left their homes and sought safer places, while some families remained trapped within the village. The police administration team, upon receiving the information, rescued the stranded families and relocated a total of 14 families to other houses within the village. Affected families have requested the administration to provide arrangements for their return to the village, including temporary shelters, until rehabilitation can be facilitated. Additionally, BDO Jaykrit Singh Bisht and Block Head Ruchi Kaintura visited the village to assess the situation.

Local residents Indramohan Juuyal and Ganesh Juuyal revealed that deep cracks had appeared in the Katela Danda area during the previous incidents of August 8th and August 13th disaster, raising the risk of landslides in the village. Following a day of continuous rain, boulders and debris began tumbling down the mountainside on Wednesday evening. In rapid succession, a significant amount of debris, along with trees, came crashing down, causing panic among the villagers. Some individuals managed to escape and reached the road below, while several families found themselves trapped within the village. In response, Revenue Inspector Sangita Raj and the police team arrived on the scene and safely evacuated the affected families.

The administration suggested relocating the affected families to the Dugadda Inter College or the Nagar Palika’s community hall, but the villagers declined, stating that all their belongings were at home, including their domestic animals. Given the distance between the village and Dugadda, the families were subsequently shifted to the homes of other villagers.

The villagers also pointed out that due to the landslide, the pedestrian path to Jhwana village has been damaged, and the entire route from Amasaur to Jamargadi has been obstructed by accumulated debris. Block Head Ruchi Kaintura and BDO Jaykrit Singh Bisht conducted an on-site assessment after arriving at the village on Thursday. On this occasion, Kanungo Rakesh Dabral, Revenue Inspector Rajesh Rana, Sangita Raj, Assistant Engineer Kulvinder Singh, and police personnel were also present. Kanungo Rakesh Dabral informed that due to the heavy rainfall, 14 families and two shops in the village were under threat. A report has been prepared and sent to higher authorities.

Mayor and Former Minister Assess Damage in Jhandichaur

Mayor Hemlata Negi and former minister Surendra Singh Negi surveyed the damage caused by the floods in Northern and Eastern Jhandichaur. The locals complained to them about not receiving adequate compensation and the absence of flood protection measures. In response, the mayor assured them of all possible assistance.

On this occasion, former minister Surendra Singh Negi accused the administration of allowing unregulated mining activities in the region. He stated that due to the administration’s negligence, the miners have dug up to the foundation of the flood protection wall in the Bhawar region, causing most of the protective wall to submerge in the river. Now, fields of the locals are being eroded by the Kotawan river, and floods are entering their homes. He demanded that the government expedite flood protection work and provide appropriate compensation to the affected.

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