Alert Female Pilot Averts Collision of Two Aircraft: Vistara Planes on Same Runway at Delhi Airport

Alert Female Pilot Averts Collision of Two Aircraft: Vistara Planes on Same Runway at Delhi Airport

Vistara Airlines’ flight VT926, originating from Ahmedabad, successfully landed on Runway 29L at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. Air Traffic Control (ATC) provided clearance for the flight to proceed to the parking area after touchdown on Runway 29L. The flight was being piloted by Captain Sonu Gill (45), a seasoned female pilot.

During this time, ATC officials also granted clearance for the Delhi-Bagdogra flight UK725 to take off from Runway 29R. As the aircraft was preparing to take off, Captain Sonu Gill noticed the situation from her cockpit. She promptly alerted the ATC, who then halted the Delhi-Bagdogra flight’s takeoff. The two aircraft were just 1.8 kilometers apart during this incident.

The Importance of Timely Intervention

If the ATC hadn’t intervened in time to halt the Delhi-Bagdogra flight’s takeoff, a serious incident could have occurred due to the close proximity of the two aircraft. The minimal distance between them highlights the potential danger if any further delay had occurred.

Strict Regulations During Takeoff and Landing

Airport authorities emphasized that timely intervention was crucial in preventing a potential catastrophe. According to standard operating procedures, no other aircraft or vehicle is allowed to broadcast any communication during the takeoff or landing process. Captain Amit Singh, a senior pilot and founder of the Safety Matters Foundation, explained that clearance for takeoff is not granted to any flight on parallel runways until the runway is completely clear. Additionally, in case of any error, flights about to land are instructed to circle in the air for a brief period.

The incident serves as a reminder of the strict protocols and constant vigilance required in air traffic control to ensure the safety of all flights and passengers.

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